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Tucson Chiropractor Never Stops Working for You!

Unparalleled Care at Advanced Chiropractic Spine & Sports Injury Center

Dr. Jeff Vendsel is continually expanding his chiropractic expertise to improve the quality of care for his patients.  Whether he is pursuing additional post-graduate courses or working toward another specialty certification, he’s learning more so he can help you.

A Tucson chiropractor with over three decades of experience, it’s no wonder Dr. Jeff is often called upon to provide his expert opinion in the fields of both personal injury and sports injury cases by colleagues in these fields.

Chronic Condition? We Can Help.

Over the years, Dr. Jeff has had excellent success in the treatment of chronic and difficult cases. At this stage of his practice career, he welcomes the challenge of helping individuals who feel like they’ve tried every other option (even other chiropractic care) with little to no resolution.

Dr. Jeff’s warm, approachable demeanor, extensive education and experience,
and skill in treating tough cases make him a favorite among patients. With his gentle
technique and cozy office, all types of people will feel at home here. His practice
includes infants that are just days old to senior citizens well into their 90’s,
elite athletes to weekend warriors.

If you are looking for a caring, compassionate provider who will listen to your concerns and
clearly explain your options, find relief for even the most stubborn pain or limitation,
give Dr. Jeff a call at (520) 319-2100 to schedule your free consultation.

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