Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute

Chiropractic and golf have had an excellent working relationship for decades. In fact, the Titleist Performance Institute (mytpi.com) is an organization dedicated to the care and treatment of golfers as well as helping them improve their game at all ages and skill levels. One of its founders is Dr. Greg Rose, a Doctor of Chiropractic!

Dr Jeff has achieved TPI Level One Certification. He is also TPI Certified Medical Level 2. Because he is an avid golfer that truly enjoys the game of golf, he fully understands and appreciates the highs and the lows that golfers go through as they try and improve their games as well as heal up from or prevent injuries that occur while playing. His training from TPI as well as his background as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician are invaluable assets to any and all golfers who want to play better or recover faster from injury.

If you are looking for that subtle change in your preparation to play a better round, or help with your ongoing game-related injury (s), give Dr. a call, he is here to help!